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Our romance bath teabag voted No 3 top 10 beauty products from around the world

Aquila Bergstrom, Personal Blog

365 Days of Wandering 

Top 10 Must Have Bath Buys


For those of you who choose your next holiday destination based on Condé Nast’s recommended spa destinations, then this feature is for you…

I have realised that it’s far more cost-effective and self- gratifying (for all you fellow listers) to transform your everyday bath- tub into a little escape filled with products that take you to your dream destination and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated time and time again. I give you my top 10 bath buys that you simply shouldn’t live without.

Annie Rose, Beaty Blogger

relax through the silly season

Annie Rosse, Beauty Blog

Sometimes the Christmas/New Year season can get a little stressful for some. Mae Laine Bath Teabags are available in a gorgeous range that will be sure to help you relax and have some chill out time to yourself.

Today, I will be reviewing two of the gorgeous bath tea bags that I was sent from the Mae Laine range purposely for me to try, review and to share my thoughts with you all.


Shaw Beauty,Beauty Blogger

Like salts over soaks? Mae Laine Bath Teabags are you go to product. Filled with four different scents, each teabags contains pink Himalayan salts, designed to detoxify the body and replenish it with magnesium and chloride. Synched away in it's own little cloth pouch, the tea bag is taken out, dipped into the water (like you're making a massive glass of herbal tea) and taken out once the salts have dissolved.

Bettina x Lillydale Candle Co

Just wanted to send a little message to say I absolutely adore your instagram feed and love love love using your products

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