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Relax Bath Teabag

The aromatic essence of this unique small batch blend provides a luxurious skin + soul experience.


Creating Relax is all about simplicity, the healing benefits of nature, calmness of the gentle aroma and enjoying a moment to be still.  For me life is about creating magical moments and sharing the simple pleasures, these are the greatest gift on earth.


I hope you enjoy adding one of my blends to your next bath leaving you calm, refreshed and rejuvenated. Relax is an infusion of lavender and combined with the salts and botanical of lavender buds and blue cornflower petals adds therapeutic value to your bath. ​

Pour a bath and drop in the bath teabag. The salts will dissolve and soak for 20-30 minutes or longer.  


Our bath teabags are a single use soak.


A beautiful flower for all spiritual development; elevating consciousness and enhancing meditation.  Calming lavender is traditionally used to help the nervous system relax and unwind, allowing the body and mind to open up to higher levels of consciousness.

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