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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Bath Teabags?


Its about creating a skin to soul experience at home or while away. A Bath Teabag is a soak size tea bag which has been filled with bath salts. The Himalayan Rock Salts are infused with essential oils, fragrance oils, sea clay, flower buds & botanicals. 


2. How many times can I use a Bath Teabag?

Once, they are a single use bath salts product, our Bath Bags are a soak size and hold a net weight of 120 grams each. Pour a bath and drop in the bath teabag. The salts will dissolve over 20-30 minutes. 


3. Do we post to international destinations?


Yes, we do our minimum order is $50 for International orders, plus postage charges, please email us your order request and postal destination to bathteabags@outlook for International shipping rates.


4. Directions on How to Use & How long should I bathe for?


Pour a bath and drop in the Bath Teabag, The salts will dissolve over 20-30 minutes whilst the bath teabag floats atop the water. You can stay in for longer if you like.


5. Can the ingredients go down the drain?


Yes, if your bag opens or tears, however they are all heat sealed, in the rare event it does all the remaining contents are natural, so the ingredients can go down the drain. If there are any bigger pieces simply remove and discard botanicals along with the bath teabag.


6. Do we do custom blends / corporate orders and minimum order size?


We can and have worked with some amazing businesses in the past. Our minimum custom co branded order is 250 units. Simply email your request to see how I can help. I would be happy to blend a unique bath salt blend for your special occasion or select from our collection.


7. What happens if I get a skin irritation?

If a skin irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately and wash the effected area. All products are skin safe ingredients.

8.Cleaning the Bath surface?

Product may leave a residue on bath surface depending on blend type and the ingredients. From time to time the disposition of the essential oils can change and appear a brighter yellow. If they leave a residue or stain on the bath surface, use liquid Jiff cleaner, this is the most effective for removal.



If your question hasn't been answered, please don't hesitate to email me

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