Mae Laine

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Created by hand for your skin + soul the beginning of a journey of wellness and self-care started one night when I accidentally dropped my teabag in the bath. Then followed was a lightbulb moment to create self-care products, inspired to offer moments of relaxation and wellness in everyday life in your very own home.

Your next 'Me-time' is a soak away with our all natural bath teabag collection made in the heart of Wine Country, Hunter Valley Since 2013.

Our blends have been created using the most natural finest of ingredients as a unique pampering experience for the skin + soul.

All our small batch bath salts are seasonal, however L O V E Bath Teabag is own signature blend, is all about unconditional self love and the keepsake of Rose Quartz Crystals through natural wellness and healing.

Mae Laine is inspired to offer moments of relaxation and wellness.

Happy Soaking 


Kylie xx

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