Mae Laine


Mae Laine was born in 2013

It was late one evening at the end of an exhausting day when I filled the tub with hot water.

I was in the middle of making myself a cup of tea, and for some reason, I still had the teabag in my hand. It slipped out of my grasp into the hot water.

As I watched the deep caramel tones of the tea leaves seep into the water, I wondered what it would be like to have bath salts added to the bath inside a tea bag.

The ingredients would distribute beautifully instead of sitting on the bottom of the tub, and there wouldn't be an messy residue to clean up afterwards.

And so began the idea that become Mae Laine bath salts and personal care products.

Handmade in Wine Country, Hunter Valley

My name is Kylie and I make everything in my store by hand. Each ingredient is locally sourced, and lovingly blended to create a blissful soaking experience.

Based on the philosophies of holistic health, aromatherapy and herbal tinctures, my bath salts are claming, hydrating, cleanising and luxurious.

The final packages delivered to my customers are worthy of a high-end spa. Your individually wrapped and sealed product is protected inside a beautiful calico bag (good enough to reuse), with a rose gold foil pressed swing tag and clear written instructions. 


Happy Soaking

Kylie 🛁

Owner & Founder

There's more to this brand than meets the eye

At Mae Laine, we are passionate about:

  • Creating the best bath time experience ever

  • Using ingredients grown by nature, not in a lab

  • Recognising self-care + time-out as an expression of love

  • Promoting healing + holistic wellness through relaxation

  • Celebrating the diversity of humans and their unique experiences

  • Improving the planet and reversing the damage done by others by investing in business partnerships that make a positive difference

Recent Reviews

"The items were beauitfully packaged and the smell was divine. I cannot wait to lock the bathroom door and escape with these amazing products. You can tell a lot of time, effort and attention to detail has gone into this business. Time for a bath! - Carol, Sydney"

"I recently used your soul body scrub and I would have to say it is one of the nicest scrubs I have found. It's gentle on the skin and the orange and rose are the perfect combination. Highly recommend this beautiful body scrub! Melissa, Urguna"

If you have any questions or would to chat, please get in touch here.


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